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China Central Plain 14 Day Culture Tour (Beijing, Chengde, Shanxi & Henan Province)

Summer 2019

Itinerary Highlights:

  • Staying at a five-star hotel in Chengde for one night, plenty of time to visit
  • Entrance to Hengshan Hanging Temple to visit
  • Arrange for the best five-star hotel in Wutai Mountain
  • Visit the Wangjia Courtyard, which is larger than the Qiaojia Courtyard and fewer tourists.
  • Underground Beijing Courtyard– Tianjing Cave
  • Taste the fest of “Banshuixi”
  • Stay in a 5 star hotel in Luoyang downtown business district, not a remote suburban hotel
  • Arrange the ancient capitals of the seven dynasties – Kaifeng and Shaoshan Temple.
  • Provide headset service for 15 and more guests per group for better sightseeing experience
  • One bottle of mineral water per person per day

★Entrance Fee and Transportation Included

Day 1 USA / Beijing

Today, departure for Beijing and started the long-awaited journey of the ancient culture of China.

Day 2 Beijing-211km-Chengde

Today, all members meet at China’s capital Beijing, transfer to Chengde dinner and overnight.

Meal: D/ Chinese Cuisine
Hotel: Chengde Jiahe International Hotel or similar (5*)

Day 3 Chengde-230km-Beijing

Chengde is a beautiful scenic city outside the city. It is a tourist attraction for hunting and holiday. Chengde has a long history, the resort is China’s largest imperial garden, simple and elegant, visit one of the outer Temples around the Mountain Resort ★Budala Temple, into the Han, Mongolian, Tibetan, Victoria ethnic architectural styles. Then return to Beijing.

Meal: B/Hot Buffet L/Chengde Style Cuisine D/Peking Roast Duck Cuisine
Hotel: Tianlun Dynasty Hotel or similar (5*)

Day 4 Beijing-347km-Datong

Morning to the historic city – Datong. Upon arrival, change car to ★Yungang Grottoes. Yungang Grottoes, cutting in between the Northern Wei Dynasty years, total 53 caves, statues of magnificent spirit to the four Buddha in China, the rich and varied content to see that a minimum of 2 cm Buddha to the largest 17 meters high, mostly demeanor The image of various religious figures, including Sakyamuni sitting Buddha outside the 20th cave, with soft facial lines and eyes, is the best quality.

Meal: B/Hot Buffet L/Chinese Cuisine D/Datong Shabu Shabu
Hotel: Datong Guobin Hotel or similar (5*)

Day 5 Datong-330km-Wutai Mountain

After breakfast, visit the palace on behalf of the ★Nine Dragon Wall. The Datong Nine Dragon Wall is the same as the Nine Dragon Wall of the Forbidden City in Beijing. On the wall of the long colorful glazed glass, the nine dragons are in different forms, and they are magnificent and show their superb carving skills. Then visit ★Dangkong Temple, formerly known as Xuankong Pavilion, was built in the Northern Wei Dynasty, the entire temple is suspended on the cliff, the wonder of architecture, the complexity of structure, and the richness of connotation, can be called the world’s best. Since ancient times, it has been a tourist attraction for literati. ★Wooden Pagoda tower is a sacred tower built in the hanging city. The five-story and six-story building is magnificent and well-structured. It is the highest and oldest wooden tower in China. After that, head to Mount Wutai, the first of the four Buddhist holy places in China.

Meal: B/Hot Buffet L/Chinese Cuisine D/Hotel Chinese Dinner
Hotel: Wutaishan Friendship Hotel (Best in the area)

Day 6 Wutai Mountain-210km-Taiyuan

★Wutai Mountain scenery is magnificent and the climate is pleasant. The five main peaks are towering into the clouds, especially the Beimen Peak in Beitai. It is called the “ North China Roof ” . Located in Taihuai Town, the Taibai Tower is 70 meters high. Well-structured and majestic. The top of the Bodhisattva is located at the extreme of the Strait, and it is overlooked by the tower. Then continue to the provincial capital of Shanxi – Taiyuan. When you come to Shanxi, you must enjoy the unique flavor and unique flavor of the people of Shanxi, and you can also watch the noodle performances.

Meal: B/Hot Buffet L/Chinese Cuisine D/Shanxi Noodle Cuisine
Hotel: Taiyuan International Trade Hotel or similar ( 5* )

Day 7 Taiyuan-110km-Pingyao

Before leaving Taiyuan first tour ★Jinci. Jinci built in the Western Zhou Dynasty 3,000 years ago, is a rare group of large ancestral buildings and classical gardens combined. Then visit ★Shanxi Museum As the largest collection, protection, research and exhibition center of cultural relics in Shanxi Province, Shanxi Museum is the highlight of the province’s cultural relics, with about 400,000 precious collections.

Meal: B/Hot Buffet L/Shanxi Style Cuisine D/Pingyao Style Cuisine
Hotel: Kirin Court Hotel or similar (5*)

Day 8 Pingyao-52km-Wangjia Courtyard-120km-Linfen

After breakfast, visit ★Pingyao Ancient City. It has a history of more than 2,800 years. The huge ancient buildings consisting of walls, streets, houses, shops and temples are well preserved. Ascending the list of world cultural heritage has become a cultural wealth shared by all mankind. In the city, according to the Ming and Qing Dynasties built in the history books, there are many shops, antiques, jade articles, ticket numbers, etc., and the scene of prosperity is amazing. Then visit ★Wangjia Courtyard. Wang’s Grand Courtyard is a master of the Qing Dynasty architecture.

Meal: B/Hot Buffet L/Chinese Cuisine D/ Chinese Cuisine
Hotel: Jindu Garden Hotel or similar (5*)

Day 9 Linfen-136km-Hukou-196km-Yuncheng

Today, visit the famous ★Hukou Waterfall. A scene of the Loess Plateau along the way, cave is even more spectacle. Passing through the Jiuqu Yellow River, you can enjoy the natural scenery along the Yellow River and remember the ancient civilization of China. Afternoon drive to the famous Chinese history historians, writers, world cultural celebrity Sima Qian and famous Guan Yu’s homeland -Yuncheng and visit ★Guang Di Temple.

Meal: B/Hot Buffet L/Yellow River Fish Cuisine D/ Chinese Cuisine
Hotel: Yuncheng Jinxin Hotel(5*)

Day 10 Yuncheng-58km-Sanmenxia

Visiting Yucheng ★ Yongle Palace, it is the wonders of ancient Chinese murals. It is the most beautiful mural painting with the highest artistic value. Continue tour in the afternoon to ★Tomb of Kingdom Guo, and ★Patio Cave.

Meal: B/Hot Buffet L/Yucheng Local Cusine D/ Chinese Cuisine
Hotel: Sanmenxia Swan Lake Hotel or similar ( 5* )

Day 11 Sanmenxia-146km-Luoyang

Transfer to Luoyang today. Visit ★Longmen Grottoes, there are more than 2,300 hole statues and more than 100,000 statues of Buddha statues. The excavation began in the Northern Wei Dynasty and lasted for more than 500 years. The scale is huge and the landscape is numerous. Visit ★White Horse Temple, built in the Eastern Han Dynasty, is the first government-run Buddhist temple after the introduction of Buddhism to China. Special arrangement the Luoyang fest. There are a total of 24 dishes, mainly soups, but we will arrange half will be enough.

Meal: B/Hot Buffet L/Chinese Cuisine D/ Luoyang Fest (Half)
Hotel: Luoyang Huayang Plaza or similar (5*)

Day 12 Luoyang-56km-Songshan Shaolin Temple-89km-Zhengzhou

Travel east to the ancient city of the Central Plains, the provincial capital of Henan – Zhengzhou, passing through the core of the Zhongyue Lushan Scenic Area – ★Shaolin Temple. The Shaolin Temple is famous in the west and the west, the temple is surrounded by pines and cypresses, the martial arts hall of the Shaolin monk in the temple and a large number of martial arts secrets are all rare treasures. Next to the temple ★Taling, named after the tower is scattered like a forest, the tower houses the prehistoric robes of the Shaolin Temple and the ancestors of the dynasty. Shaolin martial arts famous in the world, special arrangements to watch ★Shaolin martial arts performance. Continued to visit ★Henan Museum.

Meal: B/Hot Buffet L/Chinese Cuisine D/ Chinese Cuisine
Hotel: Crowne Plaza Zhongzhou or similar (5*)

Day 13 Zhengzhou-81km-Kaifeng-81km-Zhengzhou

As early as 3,000 years ago, Zhengzhou was an important capital of the Shang Dynasty, it is also the blue print of ancient Chinese civilization. Expand the tour of Henan Province: ★Dragon Pavilion, the ruins of the royal palace of the Northern Song Dynasty and Jin; ★Baogongci was built to commemorate the unselfish judge Bao of the Song Dynasty; ★Kaifeng House, is the reconstruction of the Kaifeng government in the past; ★ Steel Tower, formerly known as Kai Bao Temple, is the earliest preserved. At dusk, return to Zhengzhou urban area, special arrangements farewell dinner evening dinner.

Meal: B/Hot Buffet L/Kaifeng Local Cuisine D/Farewell Dinner
Hotel: Crowne Plaza Zhongzhou or similar (5*)

Day 14 Zhengzhou / USA

Today, transfer to airport for homebound flight to US and ends this unforgettable journey.

Meal: B/Hot Buffet or Breakfast box depending departure flight

Fares FARES (Land Only, without International Air ticket) Early bird discount $200/Per Person before 12/31/2018!

Departure Date 2019 Adult Child Single Supplement Reserve Now
4/08 $2,499 $2,199 $700
5/06 $2,399 $2,099 $600
9/09 $2,399 $2,099 $600
10/14 $2,399 $2,099 $600

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Tour Fare include: 5 star Hotel (Except Wutaishan), Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, Transportation & Entrance Fee
Tour Fare excludes: AIRFARE, Personal expense, Any expense not included in our itinerary, Tips: USD $10 per day, Visa Fee, Travel Insurance(If full payment paid 60 days prior to departure date, we offer medical travel insurance for US residents only)

** If you purchase air ticket on your own, your arrival time to the first destination and your departure time from last destination to U.S. must be the same as our group. If not the same, you must arrange your own transportation to meet group and to aiport on the last day **

*Tour fare is per person in double occupancy
*Child Fee: 2-11 years old share bed with parents, otherwise will be count as adult fare
* Single supplement is for one person occupying one single room with one bed

*Tour fare, air ticket, airport tax and fuel surcharge are subject to change base on fluctuation in price, please contact us for more info