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Southern Xinjiang & Silk Road 13 Day Tour

Summer 2019

Itinerary features:

* Luxury 5 star hotel or specialty boutique hotel, comfort is far better than train!
* Many scenic arrangements within the scenic cable car, saving time and energy!
* Arrange local flavors: Uighur meal, roasted whole lamb meal, snow mountain camel meal, Lanzhou ramen, plateau hot pot!
* Take the fastest high-speed rail in the northwest, feel the fastest speed, far faster than the overnight train!
* Kashgar: The most Uighur style of Xinjiang
* Turpan wonders: three major projects in ancient China – Karez.
* Urumqi style: Tianshan Tianchi, overlooking the Bergan Peak snow mountain scenery at an altitude of 5445 meters.
* A clear spring in the vast desert – Crescent Moon Spring. Humming, the endless yellow sand Mingsha!
* The beauty of Dunhuang on the Gobi Desert: one of the four major caves in China, deeply embedded in the cliffs and cliffs of Loulan ~ Mogao Grottoes.
* The first pass in the world: Jiayuguan; standing on the tower, overlooking the vicissitudes.
* Zhangye’s Danxia – Colorful Mountains.
* On the steep cliffs, between the cliffs, the stone sculptures of the Buddha’s dynasty ~ Bingling Temple Grottoes.
* No shopping, no options, no pressure!
* One bottle of mineral water per person per day!
* Provide headset service for 15 and more guests per group for better sightseeing experience

★Entrance Fee and Transportation Included

Day 1 USA / Kashgar

Take a flight to Kashgar today!

Day 2 Kashgar

Kashgar is a border city in Western China, historically one of the famous four towns in Anxi, is an ancient city with a history of 2,000 years. The total population of 600,000, of which Uighurs accounted for 82.8% of the total population, strong national characteristics. Kashgar and the surrounding eight countries bordering or adjacent, is China west open an important portal, strategic position is very prominent.

Meal: Dinner/Chinese Cuisine
Hotel: Radisson Blu Kashgar Hotel (5*)

Day 3 Kashgar

★ [Etihad Mosque] in Kashgar is located in the city center, is a large-scale building of Islam, has been 500 years of history. AD 1442, Kashgar ruler Mirza here first the establishment of a mosque to pray for the undead of his relatives and friends. Later, after several expansions and repairs in the past, it has become the form and scale of the present.
[Kashgar Street] The most distinctive part of the city of Kashgar in Xinjiang is the People’s Street. The street is called the Wustang Boyi Handicraft Street. It is next to the Ai Ti’er Mosque and is about one kilometer long. Hundreds of hand workshops and stalls have gathered, which has become a boutique exhibition area for Kashgar and even Central Asian handicrafts.
★ [Old Town] It was once the capital of the Shule Kingdom, one of the thirty-six countries of the Western Region. It was also the ruins of the royal palace of the Karahan Dynasty. In the 10th century AD, the Karahan dynasty built a palace to build a city here, and all Chinese courts in the past had sent heavy troops to guard the city. Here Earthen after some centuries old house is still intact, and can be seen everywhere, known as Kashgar Folk Museum is the only preserved in Islamic culture featuring a labyrinth of city blocks in the country at present.
★ [Xiangyu Tomb] is located about 5 kilometers northeast of Kashgar. It is a key cultural relics protection unit of the autonomous region. This is the tomb of a Muslim saint descent, was built in the years after 1570 BC, it was said in the tombs of the same family for five generations a total of 72 people. The entire cemetery is a group of ancient buildings that are very beautiful and magnificent, including mausoleums, sects, temples, gates, pools and orchards.

Meals: Breakfast / Hotel Lunch / Chinese Cuisine Dinner / Chinese Cuisine
Hotel: Radisson Blu Hotel (5*)

Day 4 Kashgar / Urumqi

Fly to Urumqi. Urumqi, the capital of Xinjiang, the ancient Mongolian language meaning “beautiful pasture”, is the economic and cultural center of Xinjiang. It is located in the northern part of the Tianshan Mountains and the southern margin of the Junggar Basin. Visit ★[Xinjiang Museum] The trade and cultural exchange of the Silk Road, the complex historical evolution of the ancient Western Region, left a rich and unique cultural relic for today’s Xinjiang Museum.

Meal: Breakfast / Hotel Lunch / Chinese Cuisine Dinner / Chinese Cuisine
Hotel: Hilton Urumqi Hotel (5*)

Day 5 Urumqi-192km-Turpan-192km-Urumqi

After breakfast, head to Turpan and return to Urumqi after dinner.
★ [Gaochang Old City (including battery car) ] was built in the Han Dynasty in the 1st century BC. It was the transportation hub of the Western Region in ancient times. It was once one of the treasures of the world’s religious culture. It was destroyed in the war at the end of the 13th century. The outline of the ancient city still exists, and the wall is majestic and stands under the flame mountain.
★ [Kan’er Well] Although it is inconspicuous, it is a great contributor to the fire continent. The great water conservancy project is in the extraordinary wisdom of the predecessors. It is the birth of this large Gobi and the Uighurs who can sing and dance. The people, together with the Great Wall, which spans more than half of China’s vast mountains and rivers, and the Grand Canal, which runs through the north and south, are one of the three major projects in ancient China.
[Flame Mountain] Some said the Ming Dynasty “Journey to the West” novel in the “Tripitaka blocked Flaming” and “Monkey King by palm-leaf fan,” and because the ink and theatrical stage performances written by Wu Cheng En, so that hundreds of years of Chinese people grew up longing for a tour the flame mountain.

Meals: Breakfast / Hotel Lunch / Uyghur Specials Dinner / Roasted Sheep
Hotel: Hilton Urumqi Hotel (5*)

Day 6 Urumqi- 92km-Tianshan Forest Park-92km-Urumqi

Early this morning, transfer to Tianshan Tianchi by car and returned to Urumqi before dinner.
★ [Tianshan Tianchi Scenic Area (including traffic and cruises in the scenic area) ] is a natural scenic spot centered on mountain lakes. It is 110 kilometers away from Urumqi. It is centered on Tianchi and integrates forests, grasslands, snow mountains and human landscapes. Forming a unique style of scenery, Tianchi is called “Yaochi” in ancient times. The lake is 1910 meters above sea level. Surrounded by lakeside spruce, the snow peaks are very spectacular. It is a famous summer resort and tourist destination.

Meals: Breakfast / Hotel Lunch / Chinese Cuisine Dinner / Cantonese Cuisine
Hotel: Hilton Urumqi Hotel (5*)

Day 7 Urumqi-Dunhuang ( high-speed rail second-class seat )

Take the high- speed train to the historic city of Dunhuang, then visit Mingsha Mountain and Crescent Moon Spring.
★ [Wumingsha] Sand Hill, Sha Kok Shan, is a desert: ancient generals led his army set off a defeat, annihilated, dead with tens of thousands, the wind is overwhelming overnight, the sand is covered, the sand is gathered into the hills, and the army were covered.
★ [Crescent Moon (electric vehicles)] in the Crescent Moon Spring Mingsha, as the name suggests, she was named after the shape of a crescent, the vast desert this spring never dried up, the sand filled up, there really is a great spectacle.
[Shazhou Night Market] is the largest night market in Dunhuang. The Shazhou Night Market is increasingly favored by Chinese and foreign tourists. When night falls, when the Chinese lanterns bloom, visitors from all over the world gradually gather at the night market with blurred lights, making it very lively.

Meals: Breakfast / Hotel Lunch / High-speed Rail Lunch Dinner/ Snow Mountain Cuisine
Hotel: Dunhuang Villa (Specialty Hotel)

Day 8 Dunhuang- 92km-Jiayuguan

After breakfast, proceed to the Mogao Grottoes, admire the murals and sculptures, and visit the Zangjing Cave. After that, transfer to Jiayuguan, passing through Yumen City, which was once the first major oil town of China.
★ [Mogao Grottoes] is commonly known as Thousand Buddha Caves and is located in Dunhuang at the western end of the Hexi Corridor. It was built in the pre-Qin period of the Sixteen Kingdoms. It has been built in 16 countries: the Northern Dynasties, the Sui, the Tang, the Five Dynasties, the Xixia and the Yuan. It has formed a huge scale, with 735 caves, 45,000 square meters of murals and mud, is the world’s largest existing richest, the contents of the Buddhist art.

Meals: Breakfast / Hotel Lunch / Chinese Cuisine Dinner / Chinese Cuisine
Hotel: Holiday Inn Jiayuguan Square (4*)

Day 9 Jiayuguan- 192km-Linze-43km-Zhangye

After breakfast visit Jiayuguan tower, looked in the open here, the Qilian Mountains and Mazongshan two mountains. Then transfer to Zhangye. Visit the Danxia National Geological Park in Linze County. Zhangye landform is the only color hilly landscape complex area in the country.
★ [ Jiayuguan City Tower ( including battery car ) ] is the westernmost checkpoint of the Great Wall. The basic system of this solid military defense project is the so-called “Five Miles, One Tunnel, Ten Miles, One Fort, One Mile One City” The composition, the danger of the terrain, is also the reason why its status is so important. From the Jiayuguan gate out of the city, outside the city is the Western Regions. In the eyes of the people of the Western Region is always a wild land. Since ancient times, out of habit from the Han Chinese Confucian culture elegant respectful atmosphere. Longxi plateau them out into the corridor, when a stretch of desolate into view, it will go to the country from all kinds of recollections village of melancholy.
★ [Danxia Geo Park National (including shuttle bus)] is located within the city of Zhangye Linze County, 40 kilometers from the city of Zhangye, in a radius of 100 square hilly areas, there are strange shapes and color spots. The Danxia landform, refers to the isolated mountain peaks and steep rock formations caused by long-term weathering stripping and water erosion. The Danxia landform developed here in the pre-Jurassic period about 2 million years ago.

Meals: Breakfast / Hotel Lunch / Chinese Cuisine Dinner / Chinese Cuisine
Hotel: Tianyu International Hotel (Best in the area)

Day 10 Zhangye-338km-Xining

After breakfast, visit the Zhangye Big Buddha Temple, then take the high-speed train to Xining, the capital of Qinghai Province. Upon arrival, visit Xining City.
★ [Zhangyi Dafo Temple] was built in the Xixia Kingdom under the rule of the party clan. Because in the temple has a huge reclining Buddha image named Big Buddha Temple, also known as sleeping Buddha Temple, 1996 was listed as the fourth installment of Chinese cultural heritage site .

Meals: Breakfast / Hotel Lunch / Chinese Cuisine Dinner / Highland Hot Pot Cuisine
Hotel: Qinghai Hotel (5*)

Day 11 Xining- 90km - Qinghai Lake Qinghai Lake -90km - Xining

Today, visit the Taer Temple and Qinghai Lake, then return to Xining.
★ [Taer] from the beginning of the 14th century, as the birth of the founder of the Gelug Sect of Tsongkhapa Tar san, it was built for as long as 600 years and now with more room composition A huge collection of Tibetan-Chinese buildings .
★ [Qinghai Lake (in the scenic cable car)] is China’s largest inland lake. The lake has a vast area and is about 360 kilometers around the lake. The lake is boundless and blue and ethereal. The lake is surrounded by mountains, while the lakeside is a grassland with beautiful scenery.

Meals: Breakfast / Hotel Lunch / Chinese Cuisine Dinner / Qinghai Cuisine
Hotel: Qinghai Hotel (5*)

Day 12 Xining-207km-Yongjing -78km-Lanzhou

★ [Liujiaxia Reservoir (including speedboats) ] Going to the Bingling Temple to pass the Liujiaxia Reservoir, where you can take a yacht instead of just on the road. The Yellow River here is vast and clear, and the Gaoxia Pinghu Lake has undulating peaks on both sides. The mountain here is also amazing, combining the singularity of the South and the bleakness of the North.
★ [Bingling Temple Grottoes] is located on a branch line of the west section of the Silk Road. From the Xiqin of the Sixteen Kingdoms to more than 180 holes in the Ming and Qing Dynasties, it was excavated on the cliffs not far from the river. More than 700 statues have confirmed the sculpture styles of different eras, including the North Wei reclining Buddha, which is nearly 9 meters long, and the Maitreya Buddha statue, which is 27 meters high.

Meals: Breakfast / Hotel Lunch / Chinese Cuisine Dinner / Lanzhou Ramen Cuisine
Hotel: Lanzhou Wanda Inn

Day 13 Lanzhou / USA

Return home to United States!

Meals: Breakfast / Hot Buffet or Breakfast box depending departure flight

Fares Tour Fare (Land Only, Without Air ticket) Early bird discount $200/Per Person before 12/31/2018!

Departure Date 2019 Adult Child Single Supplement Reserve Now
5/23 $2,550 $2,250 $800
8/29 $2,650 $2,350 $850
9/17 $2,650 $2,350 $850
10/10 $2,650 $2,350 $850

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*Min. 10 people
Tour Fare include: 5 star Hotel or special lodge, Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, Local Transportation, Kashgar/Urumqi Airfare & Entrance Fee
Tour Fare excludes: AIRFARE, Personal expense, Any expense not included in our itinerary, Tips: USD $10 per day, Visa Fee, Travel Insurance(If full payment paid 60 days prior to departure date, we offer medical travel insurance for US residents only)

** If you purchase air ticket on your own, your arrival time to the first destination and your departure time from last destination to U.S. must be the same as our group. If not the same, you must arrange your own transportation to meet group and to aiport on the last day **

*Tour fare is per person in double occupancy
*Child Fee: 2-11 years old share bed with parents, otherwise will be count as adult fare
* Single supplement is for one person occupying one single room with one bed

*Tour fare, air ticket, airport tax and fuel surcharge are subject to change base on fluctuation in price, please contact us for more info