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Western Australia & Ayers Rock 14 Day In-Depth Tour

Summer 2019

Itinerary features:

* Ayers Rock is the world’s largest independent rock and Australia’s most desolate, mysterious and legendary region
* Kata Tjuta National Park is one of Australia’s best kept secrets, even most Australians rarely mention it here.
* The critically acclaimed Field of Light Uluru by the internationally celebrated artist Bruce Munro
* Sounds of Silence, an evening of dining under the sparkling outback sky.
* Kings Canyon, an ancient canyon that stands on a dense palm forest, is as strange and magnificent as Mars.
* Western Australia’s Perth and the world’s independent pure land: Penacles, Wave Rocks
* The famous geographical wonders – the special shape of the wave rock, looks like the moment when time is stuck in the big waves.
* Giant Tree Valley Experience Treetop Walk allows you to walking on the tops of the trees
* Jewel Cave also known as Crystal Cave, is currently  the  world  longest stalactite cave
* Pinnacle Stone Array in Lampang National Park is a unique geological landscape on the planet.
* One bottle of mineral water is provided per person per day.

★Including entrance and transportation

Day 1 US / Ayers Rock, Australia

Today, fly to Australia’s Ayers Rock Airport. Overnight on the plane.

Day 2 Flying over the international date line

Overnight on board.

Day 3 Ayers Rock -26km - Kata Tjuta

Ayers Rock is the red earth center of the Northern Territory of Australia, the largest whole stone in the world. The Ayers Rock, which stands on the endless desert red soil, will show different scenes at different times and in different weather. Since ancient times, Ayers Rock has been a holy and inviolable holy place for the aborigines. Upon arrival, explore the group of 36 giant cobblestone groups, The Olgas, which constitutes ★Kata Tjuta [UNESCO, 1987]. First, take a panoramic view of the landscape at the dune view, then arrange a canyon walk. This 2.6-kilometer meteorite trail passes through two of the boulders, which are formed by many weathered red domes. The mysterious cave maze, the scenery is magical and beautiful. As darkness falls and Uluru is thrown into silhouette, ★Field of Light illuminates. As far as the eye can see gentle rhythms of colour light up the desert.

Meals: Breakfast / Hotel American  Dinner / Hotel buffet
Hotel: Sails in the Desert Hotel or similar

Day 4 Ayers Rock

Early this morning arrange trips to Ayers rock for the ★sunrise tour, enjoy the day first line of brilliant sunshine, ornamental stone because of different sunlight, but produce different colors, and countless people from around the world, just here to see its appearance with the changing weather. Then you will take a professional tour guide to take a stroll down the rocky mountain, walk around Uluru, see the traces of the ancient indigenous people on the rocks, and the wild plants that have never been seen before. A professional guide will give you a vivid interpretation of the ancient Aboriginal history and is a very good learning and educational experience. Continue to visit the Uluru-Kata Tjuta Cultural Center to learn about the background of the National Park from Aboriginal people. At the Cultural Center, you can visit the Maluku Museum of Art to see the colorful indigenous paintings and wood carvings of local Aboriginal artists. In the evening, enjoy the magnificent views of the ★desert sunset and experience the color change between the rocks and the sky. Entered into the Australian Tourism Hall of Fame, ★Sounds of Silence offers the best of the Red Centre distilled into four magical hours. An evening of dining under the sparkling outback sky.

Meals: Breakfast / Hotel American   Dinner / Sound of Silence Cuisine
Hotel: Sails in the Desert Hotel or similar

Day 5 Ayers Rock–324km -Kings Canyon

Visit the magnificent Kings Canyon today. First, head to the Canyon Lookout Platform to admire the canyon walls made up of tall red rock walls with dense palm forests. Then along the Kings Creek Trail, take you through the dense ferns and eucalyptus trees and explore the natural wonders of the strange weathered rock formations, just like the lost city. Below the canyon is the famous Garden of Eden, a permanent water pool surrounded by lush jungle.

Meals: Breakfast / Hotel American   Dinner / Hotel Cuisine
Hotel: Kings Canyon Resort or similar

Day 6 Kings Canyon - West Macdonnell NP - Alice Springs

Today’s car to the West Macdonnell National Park – ★Simpson Mountain Pass to see the reddish-brown rocky mountain wall. Then transfer to Alice  Springs. Alice Springs is a small town developed by a telecommunications station. It was originally owned by the Arendt Aboriginal people. It was not until 1871 that the telecommunications station was opened. European immigrants began to enter here, and the two exchanges in Alice Springs rivers, respectively, on the then telecom supervisor Charles Todd, and the head of the spring source of his wife, which is Alice Springs. Many people today come to Alice Springs not only to appreciate the monuments, but also to pursue the distant and nostalgic pioneering atmosphere. Take a panoramic view of Alice Springs from the heights of Mount Ansha. Afterwards, I visited the telegraph relay station of Alice Springs, and finally had time to buy indigenous paintings as a commemoration.

Meals: Breakfast / Hotel American   Dinner / Chinese-style Cuisine
Hotel: Mercure Alice Spring Resort or similar


Day 7 Alice Springs / Perth

After breakfast, take the flight to the capital of Western Australia – Perth , after the arrival of the city ​​tour: The king came to the park, will look at the whole picture of the whole city, meandering Swan Lake, a new group of high-rise buildings, both elegant and stylish; from the mountains to the foot to the top of a total of 404 hectares, has a green crown like a mountaintop The vast park takes only 5 minutes from the city, but it has a virgin forest that has not been destroyed by civilization. At the junction of the city and the jungle, more than 250 species of plants and more than 100 species of animals inhabit the park. The eucalyptus woods are amazing for the beauty of nature and deeply impressed by this natural beauty. Then head to the Swan Tower Clock in front of the Barrack St. Pier. The tower clock has 17 different clocks and different bells. Every day, you can hear the sounds of the sky. The tower clock is built in the 18th century and is very historic, earlier day was located in La Falga Square, to celebrate the 200th anniversary of the founding of  Australia, presented to Western Australia’s gifts, elegant and very significant.

Meals: Breakfast / Hotel American   Dinner / Western Cuisine
Hotel: Novotel Perth Langley or similar

Day 8 Perth- 99km-York- 247km-Wave Rock

After breakfast, transfer to the English-speaking Yorkshire town, a unique historical town with no high-rise buildings and some quaint houses. After lunch, head to Western Australia’s famous geography wonders ★Wave Rock! The huge meteorite of up to 15 meters has a slow wave of up to 100 meters. It looks like the time is stuck at the moment when the big waves are swept away. People stand underneath without worrying about being swallowed by the waves. How incredible! There are also prehistoric murals left by Australian aborigines near the wavy rocks. Many of these creatures like animals such as birds, they pass the Australian Aborigines say the characters and the belief of the patron saint.

Meals: Breakfast / Hotel American   Dinner / Hotel Cuisine
Hotel: Wave Rock Motel or similar

Day 9 Wave Rock–103km- Grace Lake 250km- Albany

Today, transfer to Albany via the Grace Lake. Then head to the oldest colonial city in Western Australia, Albany. Upon arrival, head to Mount Karen, take a bird’s eye view of the King George Strait, and look at the enchanting scenery of Albany. Visit the first white European sloop, then head to the cliff bay of 25 meters deep to enjoy the natural wonders of natural bridges and sea caves. Continue to the place where whales were killed in the past – ★Whale World, explore the history of catching whales in Western Australia.

Meals: Breakfast / Hotel American   Dinner / Western Cuisine
Hotel: Ibis Styles Albany or similar

Day 10 Albany–107km- Valley of the Giants - Gloucester Tree–139km-Pemberton

Today, transfer to the Giant Tree Valley to experience the treetop walk. The park is full of towering trees. The treetop walkway between the giant trees is 40 meters above the ground and 600 meters long. It runs through the trees in the forest. The Treetop Trail is a rare forest protection design in the world, allowing you to experience the joy of walking on the top of the tree between the huge trees. After driving between the towering ancient trees, overlooking the distant forest, let the mind accept the washing of nature, and arrange the visit for you ★fire tree, the world’s highest fire observation tree is equivalent to 20 stories. On the observation deck, it is like being in the middle of the clouds. If you have good physical strength and timidity, you can climb the ladder and climb the fire tree. Afterwards, transfer to Pemberton, who was voted the best resort in Australia, will bring you a different atmosphere and style from Western Australia, enjoy the breath of the forest, and swim in the towering tree woods!

Meals: Breakfast / Hotel American   Dinner / Hotel Cuisine
Hotel: Karri Valley Resort or similar

Day 11 Pemberton-135km-Leowin Cape -18km-Jewel Cave-95km-Busselton

Today, transfer to see the petrochemical waterwheel wonders-Leowin Cape. You can take photos at the junction of the Indian Ocean and the Antarctic Ocean, and watch the ancient lighthouse built in 1896. Visit the beautiful Treasure Sterling Cave in Western Australia, also known as the Crystal Stone Cave, to satisfy the fun of cave exploration and to marvel at the creator’s magical work. Then visited the local people most proud of work, time-consuming 96 years to complete the construction, up to 2 km wooden causeway, to see the man-made beauty in the Indian Ocean River and enjoy the beautiful views of the sea and sky.

Meals: Breakfast / Hotel American   Dinner / Hotel Cuisine
Hotel: Abbey Beach Resort Or the same level

Day 12 Busselton-157km-Mandurah-71km-Perth

Transfer to Mandurah this morning and arrived at Peel Bay for a fun ★boat trip. The boats are slowly driving in the waterways, and the wind is beautiful and refreshing. Occasionally, the dolphins often cause tourists cheering. It also has an artificial canal that costs $50 million on both sides of the river. Continue to drive back to Perth, take a bus to the green Emperor Park, and enjoy the different styles as the season changes, and climb the view overlooking the city of Perth and the Swan River. ★Continued to visit Perth Mint, which is 2000 Olympic gold medal in Sydney manufacturing site and visit ancient special high as 1000 degrees Celsius molten gold performance, allowing you to return to Western Australia’s golden age of months, experience the charm of the legends of gold.

Meals: Breakfast / Hotel American   Dinner / Western Cuisine
Hotel: Novotel Perth Langley or similar

Day 13 Perth -66km-Pinacles- 66km-Perth

Today, transfer to the famous tourist attraction in Western Australia ★ The Pinnacle Stone Array, located in the native forest of Pinnacles National Park in Lampang National Park, runs through the limestone columns one after another in the flat desert, unique and unique geological landscape. Looking back, some gods like camels, dolphins, etc. are wonders. Afternoon return to Perth, went with a thick English Tudor style Upon arrival, Perth is now well-known commercial street on foot – London Court, enjoy the fun of  shopping.

Meals: Breakfast / Hotel American   Dinner / Farewell Cuisine
Hotel: Novotel Perth Langley or similar

Day 14 Perth / United States

After breakfast take a luxury flight to the airport to return home, the happy end of your memorable trip to Australia.

Meals: Early / Hotel American

Fares Tour Fare (Land Only, Without Air ticket)

Departure Date 2019 Adult Child Single Supplement Reserve Now
4/16 $4,099 $3,699 $1,000
5/14 $4,099 $3,699 $1,000
6/04 $4,099 $3,699 $1,000
7/02 $4,099 $3,699 $1,000
8/06 $4,099 $3,699 $1,000
9/17 $4,099 $3,699 $1,000
10/31 $4,099 $3,699 $1,000

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Tour Fare include: 3-4 star hotel(3 star hotels are local best), Breakfast & Dinner, Entrance fee, Land

Tour Fare Excludes:International Airfare, Personal expense, any expense not included in our itinerary, Tips:US$ 10 per person per day, Visa Fee, Travel Insurance (If full payment paid 60 days prior to departure date, we offer medical travel insurance for US residents only)

Child: 2-11 years old share bed with parents, otherwise will be count as adult fare
* we reserve the right to modify the itinerary and price change 30 days prior to tour departure date *